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VIDEO: Congressional Staff Assistant Jessi Calzado-Esponda

CareerFuel’s long-term plan includes operating a dedicated cable network. As part of our efforts, my team and I cold-called members of Congress and asked them to write letters to the CEOs of Comcast and Time Warner. Some did. Along the way, I met Jessi Calzado-Esponda in Congressman Bobby Rush’s office while awaiting a meeting. What I learned from her was remarkable and today we are very proud to share her inspirational story.

An accidental escapee out of Cuba at age seven, Jessi was permanently separated from her parents and raised by her grandmother (also an immigrant) in Florida. Many years later, following a mantra of “do whatever it takes” Jessi showed up day after day for interviews with a member of Congress. Unexpectedly homeless during her quest for work, Jessi couch surfed and made good use of leftover food from Congressional meetings to survive.

Finally she was seen and got “her break”, interning for two members of Congress and ultimately hired by one as a legislative aid.

Jessi’s determination is a reminder that anything is possible.

Today we have 23.2 million people who are underemployed. Many face dire circumstances with imminent cuts to unemployment benefits. CareerFuel has done the work for you, bringing you the best resources available right now, if you are seeking employment or interested in starting a business. Inspiration from stories like that of Jessi’s can help give you the “high-five” you need to keep trying.

But don’t take our word for it. StartupTunes.com reviewed CareerFuel today as part of their blog that identifies promising new startups with great interface, stunning design and good prospect of success. They closed with “While the site has all the necessary information to get going, it feels that it has more to give if they had the funds.” You can be part of the solution to the jobs crisis by supporting the CareerFuel effort.

Thank you.

This is another segment in CareerFuel’s “How America Works” series, a collection of  small business success  and job search success stories!  Do you have a job search success story? If so, we would love to hear about it!

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