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About Us

So, What’s Unique About CareerFuel?

We solve the problem of 2 billion matches on Google for “find work” or “start a business.”  

CareerFuel has reduced this overwhelming information to the essentials— what you need to know and the best resources to get it done.  Updated daily, our direction and suggestions reflect the constantly changing landscape of news, apps, social networks, etc.

It’s free and most of the resources we recommend are too!

We connect you to the latest products and services for job search and startups.

For example, the Find Work section suggests Purzue for creating an effective resume in minutes, About.me for organizing your social media profiles and Huntsy to consolidate your job postings as you search. The Start a Business section recommends Panabee to help you find a company name, Docracy for free legal documents to protect your business and Clarity to get quick answers from industry experts.

CareerFuel’s original blogs and videos profile real success stories—people who found jobs or started successful businesses.

Each story delivers real advice that anyone can follow to create their own success.   Our job seeker success stories include millenials, recent grads, Wall Street executives, a teacher and a lawyer. Our video series, entitled “How America Works”, covers Main Street business ranging from an organic farm, a tree removal business that travelled from Alabama to New Jersey to help with Hurricane Sandy, a sandwich shop, gas station, bilingual school, fitness facility, children’s hair salon, etc.

Wish you had an effective network—we’re creating one for you on CareerFuel.

Come join the CareerFuel community and be get ready to start giving and asking among people who care.


We at CareerFuel are passionate about solving the jobs crisis, restoring people’s dignity and returning this great country to prosperity.


The Team

AnnMarie McIlwain

Founder and CEO

AnnMarie McIlwain is a savvy businesswoman with a visionary feel for market timing and opportunities. For the past fifteen years, AnnMarie has run her own consulting firm specializing in new business development for Fortune 500 companies such as J & J, Schering-Plough, Novartis, and Mellon Bank.  A recipient of numerous civic and leadership awards, AnnMarie has a long-standing commitment to social enterprise and community engagement.  In 2009, her husband was laid off from his marketing job. His job search, and the plight of over 23 million other Americans like him, inspired AnnMarie to create and invest her savings in CareerFuel.


Jim Napier

Social Media & Content Manager

Jim bought his first computer in 1998 and has been mastering the web ever since. He started blogging in 2005 and never looked back. He has a voracious appetite for all forms of media, including movies, music, TV and video games. He is passionate about photography, art, and technology.

Jim specializes in web design, social media and content management. Hire him today - JimNapier.co

Heather van Werkhooven

Assistant Editor

Heather is an anthropologist by training, interested in how policy shapes our lives. Her analytical abilities and commitment to learning as a life-long process make her a great fit in her current role as our resident “Jill of All Trades.” If you’ve got a story to pitch or a question to ask, drop her a line or connect on LinkedIn.

John Lunghi

Chief Sales Officer

John J. Lunghi has spent his career in the media business leading sales for major media companies such as Turner Broadcasting Systems, MTV, and Phase2Media which represented the web properties of the NHL, NFL, Elle Magazine, and many other top internet sites. Most recently, John was President of Automated Media Services, a new generation of in-store, point-of-purchase media advertising. In addition to his professional work, John is a military veteran who works with tri-state outreach programs to improve the lives of our recent veterans

Dorothy Price Hill

Sales Consultant

Dorothy Price Hill is a global consultant with a stellar global network and experience in financial services, technology and e-commerce. For the past four years, she has focused on advising start-ups as well as larger established Fortune 1,000 companies with global business development initiatives. Having lived and worked in five countries while working for Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, she is well-versed in the language of global business, talent search and best practices. Dorothy works with our team to catapult CareerFuel to the stellar “go to site” status for employers, job search applicants, veterans, students and others.

Samantha Poliseno

Social Media Consultant

Samantha Poliseno is an ambitious entrepreneur focused on online marketing for businesses of all sizes. She integrates her education in traditional marketing with her knowledge and passion for social media to deliver exemplary results for her clients. After several years of in-house and agency work experience, Samantha has started her own social media marketing consulting business, Amore Social.

James Blake


James Blake is a freelance filmmaker who graduated from The New School in 2012. He has studied with independent filmmakers such as Caveh Zahedi and Sam Green, and shot for companies such as Sony Asia, ThorLabs, and Dream Careers, Inc. Recently, he has devoted his time to making short films and creating content marketing for companies who believe that the knowledge you provide is as important as the product you sell. His hobbies include traveling, reading, and working. Click here to view his portfolio.


Founded in 2011 by experienced financial technology and data industry experts, Crowdnetic is committed to creating a productive and sustainable marketplace for web-based private raises. Bringing over 15 years of experience in building complex, data-intensive customized solutions, the leadership team has been instrumental in revolutionizing the equities industry through developing market data and analytics solutions. We are now bringing our expertise to the increasingly intricate crowdfunding space.

Deborah Brody Hamilton

Guest Blogger

Deborah Brody Hamilton is a writer and communications professional with almost 30 years of work experience in Washington, D.C. Her peak moments were (1) in 1972, when she won an award from the Yonkers Public Library for most books read in a summer, and (2) in 1997, when she was a mediator at Congress’s first Bipartisan Retreat for Civility.

Greg Peters

Guest Blogger

Dream job: Blogger-in-residence for YourCompany.com. As the reigning king of job searching on his block with more than 25 interviews in the past 16 months, Greg thought he’d share his thoughts, strategies and insights with the blogosphere here at CareerFuel.net. Prior to devoting his full-time efforts to job hunting, he spent nearly 30 years in the newspaper business before the grim reaper of media layoffs swept him out in 2009. For the past four years he’s continued his creative passion by doing online editing, writing, content creation, social media and blogging for a variety of companies. 

Tamara 'Lola' Bonet

Guest Blogger

Tamara is a senior at Pace University, where she is majoring in Communications, with a double minor in Public Relations and History. She is thrilled to be a part of the CareerFuel team and is eager to work in the fashion/beauty industry; She also enjoys event planning. 

Deidre Pannazzo, CPRW

Guest Blogger

Deidre is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Executive Director at Inspired Resumes. She leverages her experience of working within the executive search industry to deliver expert resume and career services to clients of all levels, including professionally-written resumes and LinkedIn profile development. Deidre couples her business development and customer relations skills with her market insight and attention to detail to consistently deliver exemplary results.

Shannon Alexander

Guest Blogger

Shannon Alexander is a Millennial living in Washington D.C. She has studied, lived and worked in Cuba, England, South Africa, The Netherlands and Sweden. Her employment experiences have been eclectic ranging from crafting lattes in Arlington, VA to serving as a CEO minion in Portland, Oregon. All, of course, while engaging in her first love: complex legal research and immigration advocacy.

Gracie Foxwell

Guest Blogger

Gracie Foxwell is President and Co-Founder of Foxwell Digital along with her husband. When she is not editing books, doing fundraising consulting, or managing the digital marketing needs of her clients, Gracie is traveling, collecting new cookbooks, and enjoying most any glass of Pinot Noir.

Luke Shehata

Intern, Summer 2013

Luke Shehata is a junior at Loyola University Maryland, where he is majoring in marketing. He is excited to be a part of the CareerFuel team and plans to bring his knowledge and unique skills to the table in order to propel CareerFuel forward.

Sharon Zaharoff

Intern, Fall 2013

Sharon is a senior at Quinnipiac University, where she studies English Literature. She is passionate about entering the world of publishing and is eager to connect with those having similar interests.