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Startup Revealed™: Shark Tank

National media is still king when it comes to putting a new product on the map.  Ellen Degeneres may have had her Oscar’s selfie retweeted 1 million times last night, but don’t forget that it was Oprah’s first @oprah tweet on her former talk show that helped make Twitter the success it is today.

An appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank show can be that media opportunity for startups and many an entrepreneur of a new consumer product has weighed the should I or not decision.  If the Sharks love you, it is guaranteed sales.  If they smell blood and go for the verbal kill, it could tank your confidence and business.

Lori Cheek of the novel Cheek’d.com dating site decided to risk it. In this latest episode of CareerFuel’s Startup Revealed web series, she takes you behind the scenes on the thought process to get you considered by the producers.

And it worked. On February 28, Lori appeared on Shark Tank. Not surprisingly, the older and mostly married Sharks didn’t quite get the idea, but the audience did and her website has been rocking with sales since Friday night.

Check out how she did it and get yourself some Cheek’d ice breaker cards to create your own “go for it” moment the next time you spot someone you’d like to get to know a little better.

For more on Shark Tank, meet Bev and Charlotte, two indomitable grandmothers who had the Sharks fighting over who would get to invest in their Ice Chips business.

Videography by Micah Joel