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Small Business Success Story: Southeastern Outdoor Services

Hurricane Sandy was a whopper of a storm that New Jersey and New York will be digging out from for years to come. For the residents of Bernardsville, New Jersey the storm was made worse by what appears to have been a microburst. On many properties dozens of mature trees snapped or were pulled up by the root, resulting in weeks long power outages and considerable property damage.

The men from Southeastern Outdoor Services, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama heard the siren song and drove north to help New Jersey residents while expanding their company. It came with tremendous personal sacrifice, as they put their lives and their business on the line, but the grateful people of New Jersey literally opened their doors to these fine men as they cleared the wreckage of the storm and began to restore some visual sanity to the area.

Weather and work have changed dramatically in recent years, causing tremendous personal and financial instability for millions. As long as this is the new normal, people will need to go the distance–in some cases, literally–in order to make ends meet. Hurricane Sandy and Southeastern Outdoor Services remind us that we are all in this together and that’s a win/win for America.


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Watch and learn how one non-profit took a for-profit approach.

Videography by James K. Blake III

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