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“Finding Your Passion in the 21st Century” with ROJS Radio (2 of 3)

"Finding Your Passion in the 21st Century" with ROJS Radio (2 of 3)

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Money is the single biggest challenge for startups. Would-be entrepreneurs need capital to get things going and a consistent income to pay the bills once up and running. Many entrepreneurs have the big idea, the energy, the drive and a plan for a business, but are stuck at “start” because they don’t have the dough to make their business idea a reality. CareerFuel is here to help you hit the “start” button!

This podcast is an excerpt from a live radio interview CareerFuel Founder and CEO AnnMarie McIlwain gave this week as part of a series entitled “Finding Your Passion in the 21st Century” with ROJS Radio. This 30-minute interview is a primer on the different ways to raise capital for your business. The interview includes an overview of the new crowdfunding law (title III of the JOBS Act), describing how this changes the landscape for starting a business- make sure you are ready to act when the new crowdfunding bill goes into effect January 2, 2013!

For more information and additional resources, click on “How to Finance It”.