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CEO Turned Stalker

Any CEO of a small business or startup will tell you that they wear many hats, depending upon the needs of the business. Some days these needs are strategic, while other days they may include wearing the hat of “Chief Technology Officer” (code for fixing the printer or having presentations bound at the printer for a meeting with Comcast).

Marketing is a key role and, as “Chief Communications Officer”, I am shameless when it comes to approaching the press to get a story about CareerFuel. So it was no surprise to anyone that I followed Dr. Paul Krugman—Nobel Prize winning PhD in economics, professor at Princeton University and New York Times columnist—to the back of a church as he departed from a panel discussion. As I followed him out, I asked “would you mind if I walked with you, Mr. Krugman?” (Note to self—remember to call him “Doctor” the next time.) He didn’t wave me off or start running, so I moved quickly to my elevator pitch. As I began, I was immediately interrupted by several university students who popped out from behind bushes like elves to ask the good professor some questions from their textbooks.

It seems that stalking him is not that unusual.

I left Dr. Krugman with materials I had prepared because, yes, I had premeditated this interaction and I later followed up by email.

Dr. Krugman writes and speaks passionately about the jobs crisis. Big problems require big solutions like CareerFuel. An article by him would catapult us to a whole new level and bring us dramatically closer to giving Americans the information and inspiration they need to achieve their career needs.

When would be a good time to meet, Dr. Krugman?

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photo credit: Tobias Leeger via photopin cc