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Start a Business by Upstaging the Competition

Start a business by upstaging your competition. Find a weakness and exploit it. So often, this is the key to successful new businesses. Think of Netflix vs. Blockbuster (convenience) or Poland Springs Water vs. tap (safety/health).

Here in Summit, New Jersey, a man named Steve Capo observed what wasn’t working at the local indoor tennis facility and set out to offer a better alternative. Steve started The Strand Tennis Center with a strategy of offering superb customer service, professionals who have a real interest in knowing and training your children and a regimen that incorporated strength training.

In an effort to ensure quality customer service, he was on premises at all times, participated in the tennis training himself and made his staff read Jim Collin’s Good to Great and Tony Hsie’s Delivering Happiness, two best-selling books about what makes companies successful.

Steve also started small and found a way to grow his business in the summer by partnering with a local hotel that had numerous outdoor tennis courts.

Smart, creative and customer focused.

The next time you find yourself complaining about a company or product, turn the situation around and think about what a model of success would look like. You might just have your next business idea.

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