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Nail That Job–Do the Hustle

Do the Hustle!

The Hustle was a popular song and a well known dance. These days it is also a mindset and a way of life for many people.

This past weekend I met Mariah. Mariah is currently living at Covenant House in New York City, a shelter for homeless teenagers. She moved to New York City from Seattle just a few months ago, and is already doing the Hustle—she is enrolled in a free six month job training program to become a Certified Nurse Assistant, while working part-time at the Outback Steakhouse.

Between working and studying, Mariah went to Zuccotti Park this weekend to support the Wall Street protesters. When I asked her how she managed to connect with job training and part-time employment, she said, “I just kept asking the managers and volunteers at Covenant House until I started getting the information I needed.” This is the same technique she expects to use in January when she graduates. “I will just show up at a lot of nursing homes until one of them hires me,” she said.

My money is on Mariah. If a young woman without a college education can land on her feet like this, anything is possible—with a little bit of Hustle.

How are you going to do the Hustle today?

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photo credit: ZeroOne via photopin cc