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  • Dystopian Fun! U.S. agency maps ‘Hunger Games’ districts against real states
    If you thought the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was boring, just look at how pop culturally relevant they've become with their latest blog post.  Although the latest Hunger Games movie came out months ago, the Bureau took its own data on employment (based on industries, occupation, employment numbers and... read more
    Source: Mashable – Jobs | Published on Feb-18-17
  • These internships are most likely to turn into jobs, according to LinkedIn
    It's hard to get an internship, but it's even harder to know whether that internship has a chance of becoming a job. Unless you're in an industry where post-internship employment is virtually guaranteed, it's pretty much anyone's guess.  LinkedIn analyzed the profiles of students who landed full-time jobs after summer... read more
    Source: Mashable – Jobs | Published on Feb-17-17
  • You can now apply and interview for a job entirely within Facebook
    The fear of a job recruiter stalking your Facebook account just got shook up. Starting Wednesday, Facebook users can apply to a job directly on the social network. So if you're browsing Facebook all day because your job is boring, you're really in luck with this new feature. Facebook Pages... read more
    Source: Mashable – Jobs | Published on Feb-15-17
  • 5 Ways to Connect with Hiring Managers
    Bringing yourself to the attention of hiring managers, who have the ability to hire you, is a very good way to connect with a job. With social media and the Internet, we have excellent sources of information and methods to connect with those hiring managers when we approach the project methodically.... read more
    Source: Work Coach Cafe | Published on Feb-10-17
  • Common Job Search Strategy that Kills Opportunities
    One of the most common and popular job search strategies is also one of least effective today and, ultimately, can be deadly. That common strategy: Focusing most job search time and effort on applying for jobs without regard to fit for the opportunity. The process of searching through job postings and applying for jobs feels productive.... read more
    Source: Work Coach Cafe | Published on Jan-24-17
  • Top 10 Tips for Internship Success
    TIPS FOR INTERNSHIP SUCCESS Communicate Effectively and Often Know what skills you can offer, and meet with your supervisor to discuss ways to utilize them and gain more skills. Also let your supervisor know if you feel your skills aren’t being used to their potential. Set Goals Sit down with... read more
    Source: Resume Bear | Published on Apr-14-14
  • How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions INFOGRAPHIC
    There are a few questions that come up regularly in interviews that are painstakingly annoying. They trap you between giving an honest answer and giving a cliché  answer and leave you squirming to find a suitable balance between the two. Trying to answer a question with a response that you... read more
    Source: Resume Bear | Published on Apr-10-14
  • Three Ways To Reboot Your Career
    There are essentially three things to focus on while searching for work in an anemic job market like this.... read more
    Source: Wall Street Journal Careers | Published on Feb-11-14