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Startup Revealed™: Summer Lovin’ (Episode 3)

The hubris often associated with entrepreneurial success has been dialed back lately and it is a welcomed change. In this compelling video with TechCrunch, highly respected venture capitalist Mark Suster details the numerous mistakes he made earlier in his startup career that came very close to bankrupting his company.

Retrospectives can teach a lesson, but Startup Revealed™ and Lori Cheek, the Founder and CEO of Cheek’d, are here to share the real-time travails of making it as a startup in New York City. This is an inside look at Cheekd.com, a brilliant dating site that starts with offline flirting, bringing it online to stoke the flames in the hope of taking it offline again.

In this third episode, Summer Lovin’, Lori hosts one of her legendary parties to generate buzz for Cheek’d. This is guerilla marketing at its best. Come inside, feel the energy and see what unfolds.

If you want to know what it is really like to work at a startup, CareerFuel’s new series, “Startup Revealed,” starring Lori Cheek, Founder and CEO of Cheek’d, will thrill you!  Lori has a brilliant idea for today’s dating world, and she is the recipient of to-die-for press and multiple award winner, including last week’s announcement by American Express of the of the top 10 CEOs to watch in 2013.

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Videography by Micah Joel

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