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Marissa: Listen to the BooHoos, not the Yahoos

It was great news for women (and hopefully tech) when Marissa Mayer, six months pregnant with her first child, was named CEO of Yahoo last week. She brings to the table her phenomenal background as programmer turned product person, working at Google from its early days. I hope that the buzz around her management skills, if true, inspires her to get the coaching she needs to make her new position successful, for all eyes are upon her. Adding motherhood to the mix may help with that challenge, as it is the most humbling of jobs and will keep her grounded.  I say to Marissa: Despite the best of intentions, you too will abuse electronics, lollipops, and outright bribes to get to that last email, phone call or presentation. There will be days when you talk to the press from a closet, hiding from a toddler who is begging for your arms. Then there will be others when the doorbell plus every phone in your home goes off as you learn of a major catastrophe to the business, all while your son or daughter screams from an ear infection in another room. But you will love that child more than the $70million pay package you received, and he or she will be your ultimate teacher and most rewarding student. So, it is with female pride and a love of Yahoo that we at CareerFuel say Congratulations and Best Wishes!

P.S. Someone like Nancy Harwood of The Boda Group would be a fabulous coach: former managing director and co-head of HR at JP Morgan for over a decade, professional coach, highly competitive racquets player, mother of two (after rising to the top at JP Morgan) and wife. Video courtesy of MAKERS.com, a dynamic digital platform produced by filmmakers Dyllan McGee, Betsy West, and Peter Kunhardt and developed by AOL. MAKERS showcases hundreds of compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. This historic video initiative features exclusive access to trailblazing women – both known and unknown.

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