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How to Compensate Summer Interns

College Student Seeks Opportunity to contribute to a company in a way that adds value to my resume. Will work for free as long as there is food, fun and frivolity. Am only available for a couple of months. During this time I may also go on vacation, work as a babysitter or at a local retail store where I am told my work will require me to stand at the front entrance and say “hello” for hours at a time. Have limited                                                                                        professional world experience.

 Local Startup Seeks Extra Hands for media-related assignments. This up and coming startup has a big social mission:  solve the jobs crisis.  If you are smart, adaptive, motivated and want to make a difference in the world, this unpaid internship offers flexible hours, will work around your paying job(s) and encourages working at home in your jammies. The CEO is a marketing executive with lots of management experience and (thanks to CareerFuel!) knows her way around getting work—something that could be helpful for your next move.

CareerFuel hired five interns this summer, thanks in large part to Idealist.org. They are hard at work on various projects, including:

–          Creating videos- one of which won a pitch contest!

–          Shooting images for the website/blogs

–          Designing graphics (infographics, Pinterest images, logo enhancements, etc)

–          Researching and writing content

–          Identifying marketing opportunities for the college audience

In exchange for their contributions, CareerFuel provides a great deal. We encourage their innate talents, allow them to select their assignments from a long list and provide them an opportunity to trial real-world professional work. At the end of the summer, their internship will conclude with a one-on-one sit-down, in which I will help them capture their contributions in a way that will sell them to their next employer.

As one who worked menial summer jobs at minimum wage for the city of Boston for many years, I consider this a win/win for all parties. When I graduated college in the early 80’s there was a recession. What enabled me to be hired in brand management at Procter & Gamble was my unpaid and entrepreneurial efforts: editor of college yearbook, student government, successful tutoring business, etc. Today, internships have become nearly a requirement for graduates’ resumes, and increasingly important as new college graduates face daunting job prospects. If you are looking for an internship opportunity to fill out your resume and gain experience, maybe part-time work at a local startup or small business is the way to go!

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