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Video Production Services

video-servicesCareerFuel offers video services that tell stories. Called “How America Works,” our video series covers Main Street businesses ranging from an organic farm and a tree removal business that travelled from Alabama to New Jersey to help with Hurricane Sandy, to a sandwich shopbarbershop, and a recycling business started by a Princeton dropout.

The success of your crowdfunding campaign will depend heavily on the quality of your video and how you tell your story. We can help.

CareerFuel is a key leader in educating entrepreneurs about the value of crowdfunding. The CEO is a former executive board member of CFIRA.org, an organization of industry experts working with the SEC and FINRA to help establish industry standards. She is also a speaker at industry events.

Prices for a three-minute video start as low as $2,000. For more information on our video services and a suggested team, contact us at am@careerfuel.net.

photo credit: blhphotography via photopin cc