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What was your first job and how did you land it?

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    Sometimes we all need a little inspiration! 🙂 How did you land your first (real) job?

    My first job was doing social media marketing in-house for a local IT recruiting firm. I was still in college but my parents were stressing the importance of finding a job before graduation. It was difficult, trying to do balance school, a social life, and job searching. I relied heavily on online job boards, but finding entry-level positions on sites like Monster were impossible. It was mostly all higher-level. I found my first job through Craigslist. I liked how there is a local aspect to the craigslist boards. I think you’re more likely to find smaller business listings there, which is what I was looking for.

    I went in for an interview about two months before I graduated and was instantly offered the job. Unfortunately, I was told that there would be little (read: no) training involved. Despite the fact that the IT staffing industry wasn’t something I was very knowledgeable or interested in, I took the job. I knew that it might be months before I came across another opportunity. I spent the next two months reading every book and blog about social media marketing (there wasn’t much, because the whole concept was only a year or two old). It ended up being a good opportunity for me, and gave me what I needed to learn how to work pretty independently (which has come in handy in starting my own business).


    Samantha, how easy was finding a second job after already having one? Did you use Craigslist again or something else?


    Hi Lynn and Sam!

    My first job after my Master’s degree is this one! I really kind of fell into this and, much like Sam, had a steep learning curve. I kept plowing through and picked up bits and pieces of good info here and there: asked the web developer how to make an image clickable, inquired after SEO practices from some blog interviewees… but by bit I learned a whole new skill set. Who knows what the future holds, but putting all of my attention and efforts into being a little better every day has gone a long way.

    Unfortunately, people who are currently employed while job seeking tend to have an easier time getting hired, whereas the unemployed tend to feel a bias. Craigslist is a great place to find jobs (and is where I got this one from!), as is Idealist.

    Here is a listing of niche job boards and professional orgs: http://careerfuel.net/professional-organizations-niche-job-boards/

    Best to you in your search & thanks for joining the forums!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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