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    I was wondering what I could do make my cover letter stand out above the rest of the applicants so the hiring manager will call me for an interview. Any tips are much appreciated.


    As far as what NOT to do, definitely DON’T send the same old cover letter to every job that you apply to. I think its kind of like dating- you need to make sure that your “target” feels like you want to be with them, not just anybody who will take them! 😉



    I know that you’re not supposed send out the same letter to every place. I keep reading online about cover letter keyword optimization. How would I go about doing that?

    Also, sometimes it’s really draining to keep writing similar letters over and over again. How do you keep cover letter writing fresh?



    When I had to write a lot of cover letters when I was applying to jobs out of college, here is the approach I took and some tips that I hope will help.

    1. Do your research about the company and make your cover letter about THEIR needs and how you are the solution to their problem.
    2. Include a few brief (but strong) examples of problem solving or strong work ethic. Now is your time to brag!
    3. Show your personality. Skills are important, but most industries these days want people, not robots.

    As HR skims through your cover letter, they are going to be looking for keywords. Be sure to weave in words that relate to your industry and experience. This is especially important now that recruiters and HR are more computer savvy than ever.

    The job search is certainly draining. I would consider coming up with a checklist of a few things you want to make sure you get across in every cover letter. It will help you to keep your thoughts organized and hopefully ease the process.


    I came across this article today about auditing your job search- thought it might come in handy!


    Heather, this was such a good link, thank you! I’ve been hitting a lot of silence on the job search lately, so there must be something to fix.


    Its just a really tough market, Lynn. Have you read any of Shannon’s blogs? http://careerfuel.net/author/shannon/

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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