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Finding a Job After College

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    Hi everyone! Interested in what college seniors are doing to get jobs for when they graduate? I’m talking to fellow seniors about how they are preparing themselves for the real world!


    Hi Sharon! Thanks again for your blog. What do you hear people say about grad school vs. finding a job? As someone who finished a masters a year or so ago, I am curious what upcoming graduates think about it 🙂


    Heather, while I was at Smith College, I heard so much about friends planning on grad school. Smith had lots of grad school fairs, too, and hardly any career talks in my field of interest, so I felt a little lost compared to everyone else. It gave me the impression that moving on to a job instead was analogous to not going to college. Granted, my friends were mostly in science or sociology-based majors so they needed grad school to get any sort of good job. I was very ready to graduate and can’t imagine continuing school for at least 4 more years, however, so my friends felt a little jealous.


    Hey! And I was right down Rte. 9 at Mount Holyoke 🙂


    That’s so awesome! Actually, I think I found CareerFuel through one of your LinkedIn posts on a shared group we must have. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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