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Must-Use Social Media Tools

Let’s start by seeing what employers can find out about you. Google your name and identify what is in the public domain that could work against you. Pictures of you passed out on a couch with a red solo cup in hand are not going to help you now. In addition, any statements or images that could be described with a word that ends in “ist” (e.g., sexist, racist) should probably go. Where possible, remove the content from your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media profiles and adjust your privacy settings. Deploying the personal brand management tool Brand Yourself can help. It helps you prioritize certain results while burying others!

After you get the results and make any necessary changes, be sure to set up a Google Alert. The Alert will notify you whenever the keywords you choose (i.e., your name) are found on the web.

For those who have not mobilized their social networks to find work, it can seem overwhelming. However, following some basic guidelines regarding the use of these networks makes all the difference. Currently, two of the most popular platforms for job seeking are LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn is geared toward building a professional profile and network. Therefore, making your profile stand out will require that you maximize your LinkedIn opportunities and take full advantage of the tools provided. One reason why LinkedIn is such a great tool is the built-in search engine optimizationRead on to learn how to take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer!

Twitter differs from LinkedIn, in that you can view (and be viewed by) anyone. With an introduction to using twitter for your job search, you will learn how to “show off” your youthful insights to possible employers. Here are some ideas on how set up an account and get started Tweeting when you are not sure what to say!

If you have the opposite problem and are wondering what to do with your numerous online materials like a blog, original videos, eCommerce businesses, published research papers, etc., About.me or Weebly are great platforms to bring it all together. Using a single personalized page, let people know the basics of who you are with the option to then link to your various networks and websites.