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Small Business Success Story: FloatOn Float Therapy

Building a business is hard enough in existing industries where people get the concept and already buy the product or service. No one needs to think about why they need coffee or tea. But sometimes entrepreneurs break new ground and they have to create a market in the process. Ford had to sell people on cars, Microsoft and Apple convinced us to buy PCs and Allergen is persuading people to fill out their faces with Botox.

How do you build a business when you first need to educate consumers on the what/why/where of the product? If you are Graham Talley and Ashkahn Jahromi, co owners of FloatOn, a Main Street business where people can buy individual float therapy sessions, you build the facility and create ancillary businesses to help other entrepreneurs start their own float tank businesses. It is an interesting business model and one that is working for them.

Is floating the new alternative to massage, chiropractic, or acupuncture for our health and well being? They believe so and there is some pretty amazing research out there to support its ability to reduce pain, improve sleep, lower addiction and foster creativity to name just a few benefits.

Meet these two smart and kind entrepreneurs. Who knows floating might just be your new small business idea.

Editing by James Blake III