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Find Work – Top News Stories the Week of February 14th


Here are some informative and inspirational stories to teach you how to find work. The links below will help keep you ahead of the curve and hopefully foster job search success.

Get Found: Leverage Twitter SEO in Your Job Search
Twitter is a fantastic tool to help you find work. The above article shares some tips to improve your online brand that will help your job search.

Three Ways To Reboot Your Career
Have you ever wanted a do over or do you wish there was a restart button for your career? The above article from the Wall Street Journal gives some advice on rebooting your career.

7 Ways To Take Your Career To The Next Level
Today’s job market is very competitive so it is vital for you to properly differentiate yourself from your fellow applicants. If you want to move up the career ladder, then these seven tips can help you find work.

10 Popular Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers to Follow
Social media is extremely helpful when trying to find work. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter each being helpful tools when used appropriately. Hashtags are a great way for you to find information on a specific subject. The above article shares some popular Twitter hashtags to help you find work.

Top 10 Most Promising Companies
If you want to find a job with a company with a solid future, then Forbes’ video list of the top ten most promising companies for 2014 is a must-watch.

This Simple Strategy Will Make You the Top Candidate for Any Job
There are tons of tips and trips that will supposedly help you find work. In reality, there is not one tip that will help you find work. Changing your way of thinking about finding a job is key. A winning strategy takes thought, effort and dedication.

8 Tips To Turn A Temporary Position Into A Full-Time Job
Working a part-time job is common in today’s workforce. The above article shares some tips on how to turn your part-time job into a full-time career.

Job Search Strategy: Why people leave ‘good’ jobs
Have you ever wondered why a colleague left what you would consider a good paying job? The above article outlines some key reasons why people leave and will help you keep an open mind during your job search.

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