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Startup Revealed™: Alley NYC Pitch Contest

To say that entrepreneurs are money hungry would be repetitive.  Starved for revenue and investment money while toiling away 24/7 to bring definition to their vision, entrepreneurs are almost always on the prowl for a financial lifeline.

Pitch contests, a phenomenon of recent years, have become one of the newest means to keep a company afloat. With prizes ranging from an opportunity to be heard by key investors or hard cash, entrepreneurs are taking to the stage and putting on shows worthy of Tony Awards.

Lori Cheek knows her way around pitch contests having won many. In this fifth episode of Startup Revealed, she takes us behind the scenes of her latest pitch adventure at the December Alley NYC competition.

One of the judges (Actor Romany Malco) was obviously smitten based on the tweet he sent her the following day. Watch what happened.


Videography by Micah Joel