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Find Work – Top 7 News Stories for Tuesday, January 7th


Do you want to know how to find work in the new year? We’ve compiled some informative and inspirational stories to help you find work.

Build a ‘Quick and Nimble’ Culture by Dan McGinn
Read an interview with Adam Bryant about company culture. Bryant has just released his second book titled: “Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation.”

Plan Your Career On Purpose with Career Mapping by Hannah Morgan
January is the perfect time of year to assess where you want to go and where you’ve been. If you have been saying to yourself, I want more, I want to be happier or I’m in a dead-end job, then you are not alone!

How to Break into the Tech Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]
The tech industry is a growing job market. Check out this informative infographic on the tech industry to see for yourself.

How to Lift Office Morale After the Holidays by ResumeBear
Here are some helpful tips to help lift office morale now that the holidays are behind us.

Clark Walker got a job through Instagram — could you? by Evil HR Lady
Instagram isn’t just for sharing pictures of cats and food, it is the new way to find work.

10 Jobs of the Future by Simply Hired
The future is now! Here are ten of the hottest jobs for today and tomorrow.

Tips For Dealing with Manipulative Co-Workers by Simply Hired
Unfortunately manipulative people are part of everyone’s place of employment. Here are some helpful tips to deal with them.

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