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Video – Small Business Success Story: Oyler’s Speed Shop

Josh Oyler is a 21st century professional and personal success story with a passion for the oldies—namely cars and motorcycles. Before the age of 34, he has already started and run several self-supporting businesses—all related to hot rods and Kustom Kulture. His businesses have covered everything from the repair and detailing of vintage cars and bikes to the manufacturing of motorcycles. But it wasn’t until he spent three years as a stay-at-home parent, that he realized what he loved best was doing, not managing. That insight led to his newest business, Oyler’s Speed Shop, a restoration business for vintage American cars and motorcycles where you will find just one man–Josh.

Take a look at what this 3x small business owner and former stay at home Dad does with some of the best cars and motorcycles this country has ever made… and enjoy the ride.


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Recorded by Josh Oyler, edited by James K. Blake III 

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