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How to Quit Your Job Like a Pro

Quit Like a Pro

My twice-a-month housekeeper arrived in mid August and told me it would be her last day. Ugh. She is a great worker and a lovely person. Andrea is one of a long line of people who have worked for me and belong to the same Baptist church in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This church seems to attract the nicest, most honest and loving people I know. They don’t drink, raise their voices or speak unkindly of anyone. To be completely honest, on the days that Andrea came to clean, I kept any wine purchases in the car because I want her to believe that I  am that good, too!

Andrea gave her notice that day because she had decided to return to school  in order to complete her nursing degree after raising her children. I am confident that she will be an incredible nurse. Her warmth, intelligence and reliability are desirable traits in a nurse and Andrea has already demonstrated at home another key skill: positive attitude. A decade ago, her second son, Bruno, was born without legs below both knees. A horrible shock and sadness came over the family and then a realization- she and her husband decided that Bruno would be as normal as their older son and his disability wouldn’t get in the way. Today, Bruno is recruited by travel soccer teams and snowboards with the best of them. Nothing is handicapping this boy!

What was unusual about that day in August was that Andrea showed up with her replacement, Carmen. She had identified and interviewed someone that she felt confident could fill her shoes. Andrea spent the next few hours showing Carmen how to care for my home, where the supplies were found and the little things that really mattered to me, the boss.

Carmen has been here twice and she is a great replacement. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since she too attends the church in Elizabeth.

Hopefully in a year’s time when Andrea is interviewing for nursing positions she will list me as a reference. Her future employer is getting a real find and Andrea’s patients will be ministered to by the best nurse on the floor.

Yes, losing a valued service provider is hard, but when that person does it with such care and professionalism it will be remembered for a long time.

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