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How America Works™: Securities Crowdfunding

Tom Szaky is a 30-year-old successful entrepreneur with a high growth, $15 million business. He, like many, believes that securities crowdfunding will make it substantially easier for small businesses to get off the ground and/or take their business to the next level. Hear Tom describe how this new avenue for fundraising could have helped him when he started out 10 years ago and how securities crowdfunding may democratize the investment upside of early-stage companies. For anyone who doesn’t understand what securities crowdfunding is and why they should care, Tom will put you “in the know” in this addition to our “How America Works” series.

Help us tell the Securities and Exchange Commission to make it happen- click here to sign a petition  telling the SEC that we need them to finish the regulations on time (by the end of this year!) so that we can start raising money for our businesses and create jobs.

AnnMarie McIlwain, Founder and CEO of CareerFuel, is a Board member of CFIRA, a leading advocacy group working with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and other affected governmental entities to help establish industry standards and best practices for securities crowdfunding.

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Video Production by Mayer Dubinsky Videography

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