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Surf and Turf: How One Boston Digital Firm Does Both Really Well

As a follow up to our recent blog on how to start a web design business, CareerFuel spent time with the CEO of Getfused, a hot Boston digital firm and marketing agency built from a web design company. Getfused has serviced major companies such as The New England Patriots and Legal Sea Foods for over a decade. Starting the business when he was just shy of graduating high school, Spencer Collier (CEO) took his interest in technology and turned it into commercial success.

As a 17 year old, Spencer was fortunate to have a mentor in the late Dan Golubek, General Manager of Westfield Gas and Electric. Golubek treated Spencer as a professional whose skills he valued. Dan was his first client and because of the respect Spencer received from Dan, Spencer was able to sit before Roger Berkowitz, the founder of Legal Sea Foods, a couple of years later and have the guts to go for the “ask”. This confidence began to build on itself as well as the design work of Getfused, catching the attention of Jonathan Kraft, President of The New England Patriots, who signed as a client. Working for the Patriots gave Spencer exposure to The Ron Burton Training Village, a special camp created by former New England Patriots player Ron Burton. Ron founded this camp because of his commitment to give youth an environment of hope, and based on his own challenging experiences as a youth. Inspired by his story, Getfused donated free web design to the camp.

With a mentor, marquee clients and a good heart, the road to Getfused’s success was easily paved. But what has happened since these early days? CareerFuel asked Spencer to describe how his firm differentiates itself from others, in the eyes of potential clients. In response, Spencer talked about their discovery process, describing how his team of user experience professionals brings a very disciplined, thorough and strategic focus to the process. He described a process comparable to the “ramp up” in knowledge that a new brand manager needs to undergo when hired. The initial deep dive gives Getfused designers precisely what they need to deliver outstanding creative results. Since those early days, Spencer has forged strategic partnerships with complimentary marketing services, enabling clients to grow with Getfused without the complexity of managing multiple vendor relationships. These partnerships have also been critical to the success of Getfused as clients have stayed and grown with them. Today, Getfused has 27 full time employees, is debt free, profitable and does 100% of its work in the United States. Not too shabby for a smart, young kid, from the hinterlands of western Massachusetts. Do you have a defy-the-odds success story?

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