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To Look the Part, Be Creative

This time last year, I was selected as one of 25 women from the East Coast to join 25 women from the West Coast at the inaugural conference of “Alley to the Valley”, a two-day networking session to share professional experiences and insights. It was an incredible honor to be on the same list as a number of highly successful women and to have the chance to learn from them. One guest speaker was Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook.

One of my biggest concerns was how to dress in order to convey the right image. Between having an unemployed husband for over a year and investing all of my savings in my startup, I was (and still am) a committed second hand shopper. Looking to up my game, I asked a friend if I could borrow a jacket and I asked my mother-in-law to loan me some accessories.

Off I went to Palo Alto, California, home to Silicon Valley, feeling like a million bucks. It must have showed–I became known as the woman with the great jewelry.

So, don’t let your closet limit you. Beg, borrow and find a steal of a bargain at your local consignment shop– be creative. They can all work to give you the confidence and the look you need to be noticed.

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Photo source – 85Broads.com