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To Get Work, Change Your Paradigm

Have you ever noticed that the water heater and refrigerator usually break on weekends? If you have, you also know the anxiety of trying to get a service person to your home quickly and without paying a ransom rate.

With today’s economy, I often think that a great way for some electricians, plumbers, and appliance repair individuals (perhaps ones who are new to the business and looking to create a customer base) to differentiate themselves would be to market their services as the After Hours/Weekend professional. This would give them a competitive advantage and allow them to create a loyal following that, over time, could be used to build a Monday-Friday client base.

These are tough times for small businesses. The proprietors of those businesses would do well to step back and think hard about how consumer needs are not being met and in what ways they can shift their business focus to meet those needs.

Do what we marketing professionals refer to as “Mother-in-law” research. Ask your neighbors, friends and family what they like and dislike about their service providers. Get them to brainstorm with you about what their dream plumber, carpenter, etc. would be like. The answers may surprise and inspire you.

Sometimes to get work you have to change your paradigm. Share your thoughts in the comments below:

photo credit: eyesore9 via photopin cc