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Why Over 50 is an Advantage

Recently we received a question on www.careerfuel.net from someone over 50 who wanted to know if he should try and hide his age on his resume. The short answer is no.

First of all, people over 50 are faring much better in this job market than those under 25 based on the employment numbers. Over 50 is an advantage. Second, employers try to gauge a candidate’s experience and age before they meet them. If they sense deception, you are dead in the water before you you even start. Finally, even if they miss it on the resume, there is the first meeting and, frankly, few of us don’t look our age these days – so again, the deception thing.

My own view is that people over 50 are smart, loyal, committed, hard-working and have great attitudes. In addition, in many cases their children have moved on, eliminating common distractions to the job. Also, because they have been around for a while they have great networks–a key way we get things done these days. These are all advantages.

Lastly, I would think small. Small business drives our economy and the larger the company the more they worry about age and medical costs and the legal issues of firing an over 50 employee.

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Do you think that being over 50 can be an advantage?

photo credit: Enokson via photopin cc